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The Project

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                Dick Gregory was involved in the civil and                             human rights movement around the world.
              He was best known for active involvement in                         helping to stop bigotry against Black people in                      our country, but he worked for the rights o
f Native

           Americans and others who called on him from                        anywhere in the world. For a long time, he gave up his           comedy to work in the Civil Rights Movement along with          Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others. Like others, he             was beaten and jailed for picketing against bigotry, the            death penalty and racist police violence against Black             men in particular.

 Civil & Human Rights
and Social Justice

He was also known for strongly supporting women's rights, voting rights and animal rights. He bitterly opposed the

Vietnam War.  He spoke on numerous college campuses and influenced many people to become activists.

Arts & Entertainment Academy

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Dick Gregory was an American comedian who made

people laugh, but through his humor, he taught many
lessons and inspired many to become involved 
in making
a difference in their own lives. He taught us 
not to be afraid
to do what is right.  He befriended and 
taught many young
entertainers, athletes, actors, and 
others how to maximize
their talent so that what they 
said or did had meaning beyond
making people laugh.
He taught them how to use their talents
and a portion of 
their resources for the benefit of the under-
served. There were so many defining moments in his life. 


The Arts & Entertainment Academy will continue his legacy of
educating, empowering and enlightening future generations to
make their own mark in the world.

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              Dick Gregory was a health guru.

            Many people of all races turned to him for

           advice on their health challenges. Many will

          remember his Bahamian Diet and his advice on                 drinking large quantities of water. He worked on

       weight loss with no chemicals religiously and

      helped many obese people to lose weight.

     Throughout his life, he was always willing to help

    people with their health challenges by limiting their

   diet to mostly vegetables.


He often recommended vitamins over chemical-based prescriptions. 

Health & Wellness

One of his best-known books was "Dick Gregory's Natural Diet for Folks Who Eat--Cookin' with Mother Nature."

A later book just before he made his transition was "The 12 Essentials for Optimal Health" with Dick Gregory's Caribbean Shake.

We do this work while being loving, lovable and embracing his humor as a teaching tool.

Join us in our mission at The Dick Gregory Society to:

  1. Continue his fight for Civil and Human Rights by making sure that we magnify his energy and enthusiasm for the righteous treatment of ALL human beings.

  2. Develop Black and Brown neighborhoods into communities whose economy is thriving and the members of each community are active stakeholders in the success of their communities.

  3. Eradicate food deserts through public/private partnerships with the USDA, the Arts and Entertainment community and the Business community.

  4. Educate and provide access to healthy foods and a health and wellness lifestyle in the same manner in which Dick Gregory brought us healthier options.

  5. Adjudicate mischaracterization of justice and provide balance and fairness to empower all living beings to participate in the American Dream - especially the marginalized.

The Hard Truth

42.70% Wealth Gap between people of Color and Whites

75% Of Communities Redlined 80 years ago are currently suffering

70% Of Low Income Communities are Food Deserts lacking Healthy Food Options for its members

If you create a more equal society by intervening at the top of the distribution, you will still have the problem of racial economic inequality that we observe in our work.

If you take a historical look at inequality, most of it is built on systems of discrimination, and on slavery if you go back far enough. So this means that black-white racial inequality in society can be seen as "causal" to general inequality.

The good news is that there are some economic solutions, policy solutions, that could remedy these differences. One of the big ones is to aggressively fight racial discrimination in home lending and real estate practices. One of the best ways to develop wealth is to own a home. Solving these kinds of discriminatory structural practices in society, will reduce the black-white economic inequality gap - and that will reduce inequality in society more broadly.

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